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During this session, we will

  • understand your key growth challenge

  • build action plan for fast growth

  • give you valuable insights on what works and what doesn't

About Us

We’re a team of professional marketers, specialists, and creators who are madly in love with growing businesses.

We love everything about taking a business from its current level, and using our best practices and strategies to grow to 10x level as fast as possible.

Our mission is to grow our clients' revenues to $100 million per year.

Follow us in our mission.

This is our story...

With years of experience in entrepreneurship and leading digital marketing teams in early & growth stage tech startups, I realised that what I liked doing was to guide and advise people around me to grow their businesses.

"Add trust badges on your sales page to improve conversions", I advised a friend who got increase of 5% in sales over the week.

A few weeks later, I shared an article with a friend and told him to write an article more valuable than that. I even worked on the article with him.

A month later, he got 2 new clients who reached out to him after reading that article. He was getting about 100 leads a month thanks to a lead magnet that he created.

I went through his sales funnels and found out that he was converting only 1 or 2 of them into customers.

We added a video on the lead magnet thank you page, and offered them a quick service for $10 which was valuable to them. Over 10% of the leads took this offer, out of which he converted almost 50% of them to become recurring clients.

So from 1-2 clients per month, he jumped to closing around 6 clients a month with this lead magnet funnel optimization.

Soon, I realised that most of the entrepreneurs I worked with, wanted to find a growth hack or short tactic to increase their revenues. They wanted to sell to everyone in short time.

That's not how you should think about your business growth.

Marketing isn't about selling your products to everyone.

Rather, you should be building marketing systems and funnels to target the right people who need your product, be visible to your target market, engage with them, solve their problems and then make an offer to the right people.

  • If you haven't built a customer persona for your business, I'm talking to you.
  • If you don't know who your customers are very specifically, I'm talking to you.
  • If you build your content without any strategy or plan, I'm talking to you.

I decided to launch For The Love Of Growth, because I wanted to help ecommerce and saas businesses find their target customers, engage with them in a meaningful way and build the right marketing and growth systems to grow their businesses.

We finally launched in 2020.

We launched FTLOG in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Yeah, that was a bold move but where others were scared, we saw an opportunity to grow a business.

As companies were adapting to working remotely with their teams, we understood that they were more willing to work with freelancers and agencies who are specialized to work remotely in an efficient manner.


we are helping more and more clients build stable marketing processes to help them grow over time. We help them understand their market better, understand their growth levers and pull the trigger.

And the best of all, we are sharing our knowledge, experience and strategies with our audience, prospects and customers on our blog.

Vineet Karhail,

Founder, For The Love Of Growth

Everything we do, we do it...

...for the love of growth.

When you hire us, you are putting together a team of the best digital marketers, strategists, media planners, content writers, designers to work for your business growth.

To hire employees like these in your business, or find freelancers like these people, you would spend upwards of $300,000 a year.

Instead, you can have us manage all or a part of your sales funnels at a fraction of that cost.

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  • Only 25 slots available each week
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During this session, we will

  • understand your key growth challenge

  • build action plan for fast growth

  • give you valuable insights on what works and what doesn't