[Report] 8 Top Tools To Find Any Email Address (And Their Deliverability Rate)

Vineet Karhail

Last Updated: November 1, 2020

Want to find any email address for your cold email campaigns?

If you have used one, you know how many of these emails are wrong and your emails are never delivered. 

In this article, we’re going to study 8 of the popular email finder tools.

Most tests comparing such tools evaluate them based on how many emails they could find. And that’s it. And they stop at that point.

This study goes further and evaluates whether you actually land into an inbox with those email addresses.

Yes, I did send an email to all the email addresses found, and evaluated the tools based on whether they were delivered or not.

In this study, I will answer which of these top tools can find you the most accurate email addresses used by the recipient so that you don’t waste time sending multiple emails to wrong or fake email addresses.

At the end, I will reveal the tool that performed the best in terms of finding the maximum number of valid emails. “Valid” is the key here.

(Hint: You will be surprised just how poorly some of your favourite tools performed.)

8 Popular Tools To Find Any Email Address

  1. Hunter.io
  2. FindThatLead
  3. DropContact
  4. AnyMailFinder
  5. Snov.io
  6. ColdCRM
  7. VoilaNorbert
  8. Skrapp

I chose these tools based on their popularity, user feedback and reviews. I will study more tools in the future to make the most comprehensive study possible, and publish my findings.

The Evaluation Criterion

To choose an email finder tool, most people look at criteria like price per number of emails found, or whether or not a tool has the Chrome extension, or even their starting price.

While these criteria are important and should be taken into account, the only criterion that puts these tools to real test is Email Deliverability.

Email deliverability rate is simply the number of emails that reaches the inbox of your target out of all the email addresses that you have found using the tool.

If most of your emails are not delivered, you are not only wasting your time and money finding those email addresses, but also damaging your email sender reputation.

A bounce rate of more than 10% signifies a problem and can hurt your domain’s email sender reputation.

Note: I tested these tools by changing only one variable i.e. email finder tool. Rest of the variables were the same: contact list, sender domain, email sender tool.

Process To Find Any Email Address

Step 1. Build a contact list

I started by finding contacts in Linkedin Sales Navigator and get their 

  • first name, 
  • last name and 
  • company name

Unfortunately, Linkedin Sales Navigator doesn’t provide company URLs, which would have been much more useful.


For this study, my goal was to find 50 contacts and I chose US, UK and France as their locations.

Once I got this list, I exported the 50 contacts, and cleaned up the file to have only the information required for this study.

Step 2: Find email addresses using each tool

The final result of the enriched file (Emails are blurred for privacy reasons.)

I signed up for a free account with all of these tools and uploaded my list to get the email addresses.

With most of them, a free account was enough to get started to find 50 emails. I only used a paid account for FindThatLead and DropContact. 

  • FindThatLead doesn’t have a bulk upload feature for its free account, which is a bummer if you’re trying to test their bulk email finding capability.
  • DropContact gives 25 free credits with a free account, so I also bought extra credits to be able to test our list of 50 contacts.
  • AnyMailFinder gives 20 free credits, but you can get 50 more by watching their tutorials.

Most of the tools have a bulk upload feature where you just upload your list with contact names and their companies. If you run a cold email campaign, this is the feature you’re going to be using the most.

Voila Norbert’s Bulk Upload feature allows .csv format less than 2MB.
Skrapp’s Bulk Upload feature – use .cvs or .txt files
find any email address with coldcrm bulk upload
With ColdCRM, you can use .csv, .tsv, .xls, and .xlsx files

Out of all the tools I tested, only Snov.io didn’t accept the list with company names. Snov.io asks mandatorily to add company URLs, along with the contact names.

Snov.io tool to find any email address

This adds another time-consuming step of finding company URLs, and the complexity of this extra step is enough to disqualify this tool as a credible email finder tool.

Since I had to find company URLs to be used for Snov.io it might have improved the results for Snov.io.

Once I uploaded the list, most tools asked to verify the relevant fields.

This is to prevent any mismatch of data.

Hunter.io – verifying the data fields
FindThatLead verification of the data headers
ColdCRM’s field matching confirms the validity of input data.

Once I verified that everything’s okay and the fields in the list match with the ones identified by the tools, all I had to do was wait for 2 minutes to get the results.

FindThatLead and DropContact took around 5 minutes to process the file, but I’ll give it a pass. 

Let’s see how many emails each tool found.

Take a look at this table below:


Most of the tools found between 30 to 35 email addresses, which is quite impressive.

AnyMailFinder did a good job of finding 39 email addresses, the highest in this study. The least number of emails were found by Voila Norbert – just 21. 

Most of these tools give a confidence score or estimated deliverability which is their own prediction of how many of these emails are correct. 

  • AnyMailFinder was confident about 22 of the 39 email addresses.
  • Hunter.io predicted 97% deliverability for 10 emails, 89% for 24 email addresses, and 85% for 35 email addresses that it found
hunter.io deliverability rate
Hunter’s Estimated Deliverability rate

I found that these numbers are not really accurate. Besides, this is exactly what we’re going to find out in this study.

Step 3: Send an email to unique email addresses

From our initial contact list of 50, I found 127 unique email addresses from all the tools, out of which 126 were correct email formats. 

Voila Norbert found one email address that had special characters and it was rejected by the email sender tool.

What do I mean by unique email addresses? 

If a tool found an email address that is different from what the rest of the tools found, it is considered a unique email address.

Next, I drafted an email for the receivers to collaborate on an upcoming project.

I used Lemlist to send this campaign.

I hit “send” on the campaign, and waited for the results.

Step 4: Analyze the result

Of all the 126 unique email addresses found, 66 of them bounced. That’s a 52% overall bounce rate, and an overall deliverability of 48%.

I like how Lemlist presents the email campaign data. 🙂

As we discussed earlier, deliverability rate is the most important criterion to evaluate an email finder tool.

If your emails are not being delivered, you are wasting time and money finding wrong email addresses and damaging the email sender reputation of your domain.

While there are several reasons for low email deliverability, you can improve it by choosing an email finder tool with the highest valid emails found.

Here’s how all the tools performed:

A quick summary of all the tools.


Which email finder tool has the highest deliverability rate?

  • ColdCRM’s deliverability rate was 97%, the highest among all the top 8 email finder tools (34 accurate emails, out of total 35 emails found)
  • DropContact came second with 93% deliverability rate (28 accurate emails, out of total 30 found)
  • FindThatLead was third but far behind the top 2 tools with 77% deliverability rate (23 accurate emails, out of total 30 found)

Which email finder tool has the lowest deliverability rate?

  • Skrapp has the lowest deliverability rate of 52% (17 accurate emails, out of total 33 found)
  • Hunter.io has the second lowest deliverability rate of 54% (19 accurate emails, out of total 35 found)
  • Snov.io’s deliverability rate was 56% (18 accurate emails, out of total 32 found)

Which email finder tool found the maximum valid email addresses?

  • ColdCRM found 34 valid email addresses, the highest among top email finder tools
  • AnyMailFinder came in second with 29 valid emails found (though their deliverability rate was much lower.)
  • DropContact came in third with 28 valid emails found

Which email finder tool found the least number of valid email addresses?

  • Voila Norbert found only 15 valid email addresses, the lowest among 8 top tools
  • Skrapp found 17 valid email addresses, second lowest in this study
  • Snov.io found 18 email addresses, even with using company URL (which might have impacted the results in their favour or against)

Best Tool To Find Any Email Address

As per this study, I found that ColdCRM performed the best with the highest deliverability rate of 97%.

Out of 35 emails found by ColdCRM, 34 of them were valid email addresses.

No other tools could find as many valid email addresses.

ColdCRM is our choice for the best tool to find any email address.

ColdCRM - Best tool to find any email address

Which email finder tool are you using?

Which tool you are using to find any email address for your cold email campaigns. How did your tool perform in this test?

It’s worth mentioning again that the objective of this study was to test these tools only on their deliverability rates. While making a decision to buy, you may have more criteria than just deliverability rate. But in my opinion, this is one of the most important one. If you are looking for an overall review, you can check out this post which reviewed 11 email finder tools.

I encourage you to conduct the same test as we discussed in this study and see for yourself which tool performs the best.

If you have any questions regarding this report, please reach out to me on Linkedin.


  • I evaluated 8 popular tools to find email address by using a contact list of 50 people.
  • I tested how many of the email addresses found by these tools are accurate and valid.
  • The 4-step process I followed was: 
    1. Find a contact list, 
    2. Upload the list in each tool to find email addresses, 
    3. Send an email to unique email addresses found by the tools, and 
    4. Analyze which email addresses received our email and rank tools based on the number of valid email addresses found by them
  • I found that ColdCRM performed the best with a deliverability rate of 97%. From the list of 50 contacts, ColdCRM found 35 email addresses. On sending emails to all of these, only 1 of them bounced back i.e. 3% and 34 email addresses were valid.
  • Skrapp, Hunter.io and Snov.io performed the worst with deliverability rates of 52%, 54% and 56%
  • The most disappointing tool was Snov.io because it doesn’t allow you to find email addresses from just the company names, and even then the deliverability rate was much lower than other tools.

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